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“Attorney Hayes has been a pleasure to have as representation. Not only has he been consistent, but he has thoroughly taken the time and effort to ensure that I have a fair and just chance at providing my stance in relation to my case.
Without attorney Hayes, I would have been lost and confused. He stepped up and took the initiative, and with his support I didn’t feel so alone. He has been communicative, informative, and successful with aiding me in legal advice- for that I am both grateful and thankful.”-Nickalena RW

“I recently had the distinct pleasure of being represented by Attorney Justin Hayes in the Nashua District Court. He was very professional, very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. He has fine attention to detail. I was extremely grateful for the negotiation process he provided and the end result of my case. I highly recommend Attorney Justin Hayes for your legal matters.”-Mark S.

“Justin Hayes was professional, knowledgeable, and highly ethical. My consultation with him was invaluable. I confidently recommend him.”

“Mr. Hayes, I wanted to tell you that words cannot explain how appreciative I am for your work on my case.
You stayed in touch with me and told me what I needed to know.
You were so polite but you were also very truthful and let me know exactly what I need to be doing.
These last 2 years have been very difficult and an issue with court could’ve ruined my life all over. YOU did not let that happen.10/10 sir. You’re a great person and an excellent lawyer. Can’t thank you enough.” R. Libby

“Justin Hayes has been my lawyer for the last four years.  I first met Justin when he was appointed by the Court to defend me.  He is very professional and courteous.  After that, I had inquired about him being my personal lawyer, which he accepted.  I would recommend Justin Hayes to anyone who needs a lawyer.  He has an incredible way of working with his clients.”  Tanya D.

“Justin is an excellent attorney! He worked tirelessly on my behalf eventually getting my charges reduced. I owe him a great debt of gratitude. Justin would be my first choice should I ever need legal assistance again Justin took an interest in understanding my background, my family situation and discussing the various case outcomes could be and fought for my best possible outcome. Attorney Shepherd, is a great negotiator.”

“If it weren’t for Justin my life would be turning out a lot differently. I can’t fully express my gratitude”.

“I met Justin in Nashua courthouse some 10-15 years ago, he was an attorney and I was a guardian ad listen. Since then he has helped me to help my kids with various issues and has always done it, JUST RIGHT!! He also fixed a sticky situation for me, that should have never been brought to court in the first place, but given all the tools and knowledge Justin has things all turned around, THANK YOU ATTY SHEPHERD, I am forever indebted to you, hopefully I won’t need anything from you in the future, but if I do, safe to say…I’ve got you in my corner. Anyone would be very lucky to have him represent them.”

“Justin helped me with my case. He was amazing. He made things so easy. Very straight forward and did what he said he was going to do. The best lawyer hands down. Wouldn’t want anyone but him to represent me. Beyond highly recommended. Thanks again Justin.”– James

“Justin Hayes was truly impressive with his knowledge and how he conducted himself in the courtroom. We appreciate the compassion he showed our family during this difficult time. He worked hard to resolve an injust accusation.”– Marian D.

“Very professional and helped me. I highly recommend Justin as a lawyer. When you need help he knows exactly how to get in front of it. He knows his way through the system and is worth every penny. Thanks for all your help Justin!”– David T.

“He is my daughters attorney and he did alot for $1000. Well worth the money”– Tammy B.

“Attorney Shepherd handled cases in both Superior Court and Federal District Court. I highly recommend him. He has essential relationships with court personnel in both District and Superior Court. Justin is in demand and there were times it was difficult to reach him due to jail phone constraints. Was facing a 8-15 year sentence but he presented a relevant precedent case that resulted in a much lower sentence. Definitely would be first choice for a defense attorney. Thank you Justin!”– Keith B.

“Justin is an incredibly intelligent and compassionate individual, he not only got me out of a jam but the manner in which he did it was remarkable. He answered every one of my calls/ texts with no regard for his own time just my peace of mind. I wouldn’t want anyone else representing me aside from Justin nor would I have the same amount of ease going elsewhere for representation. I can not thank you enough for helping me in more ways than one and I can rest assured you’ll be there to help me if need be in the future no doubt. Once again thank you, Justin you are truly an exceptional attorney/ human. We need more people like you around.”– Sean

“I wish I could give Justin Shepard more than five stars ,He really makes you feel like he has your back, not like all lawyers but justin even sat with me in the court room, Does his job like a true professional very polite very courteous ,what a Gentlemen , and also if I know anybody who needs a good lawyer I will definitely give them Justin Shepard’s card Thank you Justin it’s Been a pleasure having you as my lawyer”– Steven B.

“I cannot say enough positive things about Atty Shepherd. I wish I could give him more than five stars. He really goes above and beyond for his clients, his communication is reliable and consistent, and he never makes you feel like you are less than him. He is an amazing lawyer. I never thought I would need his services but because of a very unfortunate series of events, I found myself in a position that required the right lawyer! He is the right lawyer! Thank you for everything Justin! You are the absolute best that there is!”– Lara M.

“Attorney Shepherd was a Godsend to us in our time of need. We were potentially facing a legal situation for the first time in our lives and we had no idea where to turn. We found him by doing a google search and we couldn’t be happier or more pleased with how he has handled things for us so far. In one hour he had already done so much for us, and he continues to do so, without worrying what time of day it is, or even if it’s a weekend. It is really rare to find such an amazing, honest and hardworking person, who truly cares about others AND KNOWS HIS LEGAL STUFF, the way Justin does. My wife and I HIGHLY recommend him and his law office!”– Shane L.

“I came in after a bad experience with another attorney, who was doing his job just for money and without care for his clients. He never communicated with me. He wanted me to plead guilty to a misdemeanor. My case was an unusual one, not a typical DUI/DWI case, and I don’t think this attorney knew how to handle anything different (or didn’t want to put in the extra work). He wanted to charge me more than double most other attorneys charge, to plead guilty to a misdemeanor. It didn’t sound right to me, so I sought out a second opinion: Justin Shepherd’s.

Justin made me feel like he cared about his clients as people, rather than merely as money. Yes, clients are your source of income. However, professionalism is not letting your clients feel that way. He always communicated with me before taking any action and made sure I was informed and in agreement. He checked in with me regularly and explained things thoroughly to me, to ease my nerves. He communicated to the right people, was efficient, and was able to reduce the misdemeanor to a non-criminal violation. That’s a big difference, particularly from an employment stand-point!

This field requires social skills and a great deal of emotional quotient (EQ, like IQ), and Justin has that (whilst my former attorney does not). One must be personable. With the former attorney, the Prosecutor was absolutely unwilling to budge and lower the charge to anything less than a misdemeanor, likely due to his arrogant, demeaning attitude. Justin was able to convince the same Prosecutor to reduce it to a non-criminal violation. Same case, same prosecutor, different attorneys, BIG difference!

Justin still continues to follow-up with me and respond to any questions that I have, even though the bulk of the work has been completed. He has told me that he’d be willing to speak to any current or future employers to explain the case to them, in my defense, to clear up any confusion that there may be.

His rates were more than reasonable, for the quality of service and outcome.

His sidekick that frequently hangs out with him at the office is awesome, too. Very therapeutic when you pet his head and scratch his ears, particularly when you are stressed, nervous, or anxious. No, I didn’t mean his partner, Attorney Osborne; although I have no doubts that he’s awesome, too. His sidekick comes in a slightly different form – with four legs, a tail, wet nose, and loves squeaky toys. Man’s best friend.

My biggest regret – that I wasted months with my former attorney and didn’t come to Justin from the get-go. I’d never want to be put in a situation where I’d need an attorney again, but if it were to happen, I’d go straight to Justin first.”– YuKi M.

“Attorney Justin Shepherd was an absolute godsend for us. We contacted Attorney Justin for a 2nd opinion on my Husband’s case after having a bad experience with our 1st attorney.

Our 1st attorney wanted my husband to plead guilty to a misdemeanor. We contacted Justin to make sure we were doing the right thing. Justin worked with the prosecutor and was able to get us an outcome that we we didn’t think was even possible. We got our lives back and this saved my husband’s career.

Justin was extremely helpful, caring, understanding, humble, responsive, trustworthy, and wasn’t demeaning in any way (totally opposite to our 1st attorney). It always felt like we were in good hands with Justin. We can’t praise or thank Justin enough for helping us out.

I highly recommend Attorney Justin Shepherd.”– Jimmy P.

“I had the worst experience happen to me. I came into this very scared and nervous about what could happen! Justin and everyone at shepherd & Osborne were very helpful and kind. Justin is the best lawyer, he will sit down with you and make sure you’re okay, will talk about the facts and gets the job done right! Justin will stick with you till the end. I recommend him a 100% to anyone who needs a lawyer!! He did a great job on my case and helped me win, Without him I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Happier than I ever been. He is the best lawyer in Nashua NH. Thank you Justin!”– Ashley B.

“Justin is one of the nicest, most caring, and most ethical people I have ever met. He goes the extra mile whenever he can to help his clients. I highly recommend him.”– John Y.

“Justin was with my friends and I 100% of the way, and most importantly gave me peace of mind. Not to mention he got all our charges dropped and I didn’t have to step foot in the courtroom. Highly recommend!”– Darcy B.

“Justin is an outstanding lawyer and a great guy. He dedicates his time and resources to each client and always keeps me in the loop. I recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer in the NH area.”– Cathy S.

“Justin and Mark are fantastic they are top notch defense attornys the stick with u till the end and they go to bat for their clients. I’ve been useing their services since 2005 and they have never let me down.”– Leon S.

“Hands down the best law firm can’t say enough about attorney Shepherd”-John D.

“My name is Michael R., I just read the review about my attorney and would like to add my experience with Justin Shephard law firm. Back in 2009 I had gotten myself in considerable trouble and was appointed Justin as my legal representation. Not only was I in a lot of legal trouble but my life was a mess. I met with Justin and he talked to me as a person, someone that cared. He told me exactly what I needed to do, which was very difficult and I had a hard time doing it. I not only procrastinated taking his professional advice but I also failed to appear on several occasions. I thought I was through but Justin was able to help me and eventually I took his advice and TRUSTED him. When I finally saw the judge, Justin was able to convince the judge to give me the opportunity to do the right thing. The prosecutor was making me look like a hopeless case and I thought I was through. When it was my attorney’s time to talk to the judge I was so impressed by his manner and ability to explain why he believed I should be given a chance. Justin left no stone unturned. He was very professional and thorough and the judge sided with me. Because of Justin’s help I have not only been able to clear up all my legal troubles but I have been able to turn my life around. I will always be grateful to Justin for not only helping me turn my life around but for caring and believing in me.”-Michael R.

“Best experience I’ve ever had with an attorney. They made me feel so comfortable and settled my case quickly”-Paul J.

“Words can”t describe how highly I esteem Justin Shepherd.

My name is Brian and I was on parole when I was charged with habitual operation of a motor vehicle after suspension. After my arrest I was appointed an attorney from the public defenders office. This attorney told me that there was little she could do for me because it was basically an “open and shut case” that the state was going to win.
After she made several bad moves and my spending 3 months trying to communicate with her from jail to no avail, I fired her. I was then sent to the prison on a parole violation and luckily ended up Justin Shepherd as my attorney.
Justin came to my parole revocation hearing with briefs for all the board members in hand. I could tell by the looks on the board members faces that they had rarely if ever seen an attorney so well prepared for a hearing of this type. My parole officer was seeking a 2 year set back which would have cost me 2 years of my life on top of the possible 2 1/2 years the state was seeking on the driving case in prison. By the end of the hearing, Justin did such a great job that the board was telling my parole officer that they didn’t want to hear any more he had to say and that they were granting Justin’s request that I only serve 90 days. ( Some of you may be familiar with SB52 and think that the board gave me the 90 days because this bill forced them to. Not true because I was on parole for driving and the board very well could have and in most cases like mine HAVE given MORE than the 90 days. )
As for the open case that the state was vehemently seeking 2 1/2 years on – DISMISSED! Justin filed a Motion To Suppress the evidence due to the illegality of the stop and after arguing said motion in court,- WON! And this was a case that the previous attorney said was “open and shut” for the state.
I’ve had several attorneys in my day and Justin Shepherd is by far the best I’ve seen. Not only is he a thoroughly capable attorney that is 100% involved with your case from start to finish – doing his own research and drafting his own motions, but he cares about his clients and treats them like equals. If you need an attorney, you will not be disappointed with your choice of going with him!”-Brian H.

“Professional, yet caring, and always going above and beyond. They never stop working, so you don’t have to worry.”-Unity NH LLC

“I had the pleasure of meeting Justin and he immediately wanted to help… I had called him on short notice only having two days to meet before a court date… He immediately set up a meeting the very next day and listened to me and calmed my nerves… Told me he would make it work and would be there to represent me the very next day!! I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to have on my side!!
I highly recommend him and you won’t be disappointed”-Candy S.

“Attorney Shephard came highly recommended after asking for a referral from a fellow veteran. I needed defense representation for a DUI charge, but the case was more complicated than just the DUI charge alone.
The night I was arrested for the DUI I had some firearms in my vehicle because it was hunting season. The police ended up confiscating those firearms.
Attorney Shephard was instrumental in getting my constitutional right as well as my firearms and property returned to me. He is an excellent defense lawyer!
Attorney Shepherd is very personable and easily gains the trust of clients with whom he works.
I highly recommend, “The Law Firm of Shephard & Osborne,” to represent you in your legal matter!”-A.T. Wilson

“I am very pleased with the service provided by Justin C. Shepherd on my behave for my recent legal matter, I find that he is very knowledgeable, and is determined to fight for what is best for his client. I would strongly recommend calling him, if you are need of assistance with your legal matter.”-Andrew P.

“Attorney Shepherd represented me in my civil case. And we WON. I called late on Friday for my court date on the following Wednesday. I had no problems with meeting with Attorney Shepherd. As he rearranged his schedule for my court date. I absolutely recommend him to anyone/everyone that needs representation. He does his research and will prepare you for your day in court.”-kim l.

“Mr.shepherd has been my lawyer for 4 yrs and he’s went above and beyond to make sure I made the right decision when it comes to my case he communicates very well and answer all calls when needed very polite and his staff goes above and beyond as well I would definitely say he’s # 1”-Quella S.

“Attorney shepherd is my daughters lawyer he is very understanding he dont treat his clients like they are criminals he treats them like family he is easy to get in contact with and most of all he will go that extra mile to make sure that the best decision is made on your case I have to say our money was well spent”-Gigi S.

“I cannot say enough positive things about Atty Shepherd. I wish I could give him more than five stars. He really goes above and beyond for his clients, his communication is reliable and consistent, and he never makes you feel like you are less than him. He is an amazing lawyer. I never thought I would need his services but because of a very unfortunate series of events, I found myself in a position that required the right lawyer! He is the right lawyer! Thank you for everything Justin! You are the absolute best that there is!”-Lara M.

“I could never begin to praise the services of Justin Shepherd highly enough. Beyond merely attenuating the anxiety and disquietude of my situation, he helped set me on the track to getting my life back together. Thanks to him I’m now back in school pursuing a degree, and my life is moving forward again. He spoke with me one-on-one as a human being, and not merely a number. Compassionate, poise and understanding don’t even begin to cover it. Take your case to these fine gentlemen and you can be rest assured you’re in good hands.”-Tim O.

“I am truly blown away by my experience with Justin Shepherd. A very close person to me got into some trouble and I was an emotional crying mess. I started to google local defense attorneys late at night, in the middle of this person getting arrested. I was desperate and called the number listed on google thinking I would leave a message. Turns out, Justin answered the phone immediately and was so kind about the situation at hand. He talked me off of a ledge and gave me valuable guidance and information on what to do. I must have called and texted him multiple times that night and over the next week. He was so patient and understanding! Being the business woman that I am, I decided to call other attorneys to make sure we were in good hands. I spoke with another local defense attorney who literally put the fear of god into me while at the same time he informed me of his price which was going to cost $30,000! Low and behold, I knew Justin was our guy. He will always get right back to you. He is VERY intelligent in his field and has connections, which matters. Justin is the type of person who will go all out for you, yet he keeps you calm. We are so happy with his service, dedication and good heart. He’s a solid want him on your side!”-Molly M.

“Great experience with Justin Shepherd and Legal Assistant Krista. Even after my case was settled and I had paid, both of them continued to assist me when it came time to annul my record. I’d highly recommend this practice to anyone who needs thorough and timely assistance with legal matters.”-Kelsey F.

“Attorney Justin Shepherd was attentive and professional. He went above and beyond his duties in representing my case and always portrayed professionalism and integrity. I would highly recommend Shepherd and Osborne to others.”-jill l.

“I can only think of good things to say about this firm. Justin is an outstanding lawyer that gets the job done. He has always delivered on time even in last minute situation. He is a very reasonable person who you can count on at any given time. He has helped me a great deal in all my cases. I swear the guy is a wizard. He gets things done that other lawyers simply couldn’t. Always putting you the client first and you cant beat his prices. He is also license in Nh and Ma. Which helped a great deal for me. I would recommend all my friends and family to this office.”-Greg Da S.

“Attorney Shepherd recently provided excellent service while helping me with some motor vehicle issues. He was diligent, and quickly got the case dismissed. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a lawyer.”-Patrick M.

“When faced with loosing my drivers license, Justin got me the best result possible! I was impressed with how well he handled my hearing. THE BEST representation and professionalism. Highly recommended!!”-Adam S.

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