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Domestic Violence Laws In NHExperienced Nashua Domestic Violence Attorneys

Many couples cope with Domestic Violence in New Hampshire. Relationships aren’t easy. Sometimes intimate partners find themselves at odds with one another about personal matters (jealousy, children, loyalty, finances, etc.). Most of the time disagreements such as these are resolved by both partners taking a time out and resolving the issues by talking through them.

Sometimes, however, an intimate partner’s anger or frustration may become explosive. He/she may become excessively loud, overbearing, aggressive, or physical towards the other partner. Such aggressive behavior sometimes catches the attention of local law enforcement. What was initially an argument between two people has now become a full blown government investigation.

If someone in a blue uniform comes to your door in a situation like this, you can be sure that someone is leaving the house in handcuffs. Once that happens, the arrested partner will be taken to the police station, booked, potentially jailed and given a court date where he or she will have to answer publicly for a matter that was initially private.

Domestic violence Arrests for alleged domestic violence can stem from a push (Simple Assault), a bump, a grab (Criminal Restraint) or an unkind word that has been perceived as a threat (Criminal Threatening). If you are convicted of a crime that is described as “domestic violence” then the consequences may be severe. In addition to a potential jail sentence, fine and probation, you may also lose forever your right to own or possess a firearm.

Domestic Violence convictions will also make you ineligible for jobs where background checks are regularly conducted (government, government contract, technology, management, law enforcement, to name a few). You may also find yourself on the losing side of a child custody battle or subject to deportation/removal proceedings.

At Shepherd & Hayes, our domestic violence attorneys protect our clients from the horrors of spousal/intimate abuse allegations. In the event that you have done nothing wrong but were arrested because of your gender or you were at the wrong place at the wrong time, we take your case to trial and fight on your behalf.

If you did have an honest lapse in judgment in the way you addressed or touched your spouse or partner, then we make every effort to keep your record clean of domestic violence criminal convictions. Sometimes that means a trial. Other times we work closely with the prosecutor and the Court to get you the help you may need by way of anger management and spousal conflict counseling.

In cases like these there are usually two stories, we employ our private investigator to dig deep and to find the truth as to what really happened. At Shepherd & Hayes, our Nashua domestic violence lawyers are not content to let “the system” work your case out. We take every step to ensure that your rights are protected and that your life is not ruined by either a false allegation or momentary lapse in judgment.

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