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Experienced Drug Defense Attorneys in Nashua, NH

Helping You Fight Your Drug Charges in NHIf you or someone in your life is charged with selling or possessing illegal drugs or facing drug charges in New Hampshire, you should call us immediately. If convicted of a drug charge you risk going to jail, being placed on supervised probation, and having to pay high fines. Drug charges have consequences that go well beyond the four corners of the courtroom. A drug conviction can cost you your job and your career. You may be ineligible for well-paying positions in business, state government, or the federal government. In addition, you may lose or be deemed ineligible for student loans and scholarships to almost all learning institutions. At the very least, if you are under the age of 21 and you are convicted of a drug charge, you are likely to have your driver’s license suspended for a period of time in many states including New Hampshire.

At Shepherd & Hayes, our Nashua drug charge attorneys regularly help our clients with many different kinds of drugs cases whether they be charged with possessing or selling drugs. We understand how important your future is to you and we fight very hard to get you the best possible result. We frequently see cases where people have been arrested for their involvement with drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, steroids, mushrooms, acid, and prescription drugs.

Frequent Problems That Police And Prosecutors Have With Their Drug Cases (Maybe Yours?):

At Shepherd & Hayes we carefully analyze every aspect of your case from beginning to end. We pay particular attention to the manner in which the police found or looked for the drugs for which you are accused of possessing or selling. In the event that the drugs were found following a motor vehicle stop or on foot police encounter, we look to see if the officer even had a justifiable reason for stopping you. We look to see whether the officer unnecessarily turned his routine traffic stop into a full-blown drug search without good cause. Did the officer decide to ask you about drugs or weapons when he stopped you only for speeding or some other minor motor vehicle offense?

We also look to see if the officer had your consent (and if so was your consent truly voluntary) or a warrant before he began rummaging through your car, pockets, or personal belongings. As a person living or visiting the United States, you have the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Police cannot stop you and search you just because they feel like it. At Shepherd & Hayes, our drug charge defense attorneys make sure that your rights from arbitrary and warrantless police searches are preserved and protected.

If you have been arrested for drugs then the police have already made their move. Now it is time to make your move.

Drug Crimes

Attorneys Shepherd & Hayes have years of experience handling all manner of drug crimes both big and small. Drug crimes can range from something relatively minor, like possession of marijuana to something much more complex and sophisticated, such as drug conspiracies. We understand that drug addiction is a complex disease that fundamentally alters brain chemistry. Our drug defense attorneys realize, and advocate, the fundamental principle that addiction not a situation where someone lacks the moral principles or willpower to quit or that they can just simply stop using drugs. It’s an illness with a long road to recovery.

Defending A Drug Case

Drug cases are fought on a number of fronts. Often times an experienced lawyer will scrutinize the police reports and file what is called a Motion to Suppress, or kick out, evidence if it was obtained illegally. For example, the police cannot randomly stop your vehicle…Read More

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