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Experienced Theft Attorneys in Nashua, NH

There are several different variants of Theft. Depending upon the unique facts of the case a person may find themselves charged with Theft or a variant of Theft. Here are some examples:

Theft By Unauthorized Taking – Strait up theft – you crowbar the Rembrandt painting off the museum wall and run (or walk) away with the painting or your Main Street Lawyer way overcharges you;

Theft By Deception – Using lies to trickery to obtain property. “Grandma, give me all your money and I will invest it for you in stocks” You keep the money;

Theft By Extortion – Obtaining property by threats to reputation (Give me $1million or the naked selfie goes online for the world to see)

Receiving Stolen Property – receiving property that you know was stolen. You buy a car stereo from a shady looking character on the side of the road;

Theft Of Services – Eating a giant pancake breakfast and walking out without paying

Penalties For Theft

Here in New Hampshire, law enforcement thoroughly investigates and aggressively prosecutes all types of Theft allegations. Here are the potential penalties you face:

Class A Felony – If the property exceeds $1,500 or involves a firearm

Class B Felony – If the property is valued between $1,000 but not more than $1,500. Or, you have 2 prior convictions and this is a 3rd offense.

Misdemeanor – The value of the property/services does not exceed $1,000.

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You need an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer if you are facing any type of theft case. It is critical that you contact a theft defense lawyer to discuss your charges. Attorneys Shepherd & Hayes have successfully defended numerous Theft cases. Our consultations are always free.

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